Do not play this backwards please,
Unless you live in Belize,
Or I'll come 'round to your house,
Give you cups of tea





honestly my heart aches for all the little girls who are growing up in a world that is getting increasingly violent & desensitized due to porn. 

Why is the world getting more violent because of porn?

Because when someone watches porn they are committing violence. People are literally stabbed in the throat by a ghost every time someone sees a penis or vagina on their computer screen. How did you not know this you fucking scumlord!?!

Women Penalized for Promoting Women, Study Finds - At Work - WSJ



"sir what you did is literally 100 percent illegal"
"ok but get this: im a rich white person" 
"oh sorry about that sir" 

I just got another interview with caltrans? This time san Bernardino district 8. What’s going on?





What girls look for in guys

  • brown eyes
  • messy hair
  • cute nose
  • 4 paws
  • golden retriever 

but a man looking for a certain thing in girls? misogyny right? guys can’t be like “I look for girls who wear glasses and are thin and like to talk” nope that’s misogyny and it’s horrible. “equality”

oh my god did you even bother reading the post -______-

"not ALL dogs"

#mcm Eddie Vedder because DAMN

#mcm Eddie Vedder because DAMN

You Cannot Rest Here




Have you ever played a video game where you have to sleep to recover? They only let you do it if everything is safe. Otherwise they won’t let you sleep. You’ll get a message, saying “You cannot sleep now, there are monsters nearby.”

Now, remember the last time you just couldn’t get to sleep?

I do.

Don’t you fuckin do this to me